In the azure waters of the Indian Ocean there is an island like no other. An island where nature thrives and man is a silent observer. Just below the equator and 1000 miles east of Africa, Cousine Island is one of the most untouched granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago and it is also recognised internationally as one of the most ecologically important private islands on earth.

With only four Luxury Villas and one stately Presidential Villa situated 30 meters from the sugar white beach, Cousine Island offers unparalleled privacy and seclusion together with the highest level of luxury and comfort, making it one of the most exclusive private islands in the world.

The native woodlands that adorn the islands granitic boulders are inhabited only by indigenous species. Home to nesting Hawksbill and Green turtles, Aldabra giant tortoises and numerous species of endemic land birds and animals. Cousine Island is unique with its conservation-based management structure designed to ensure that revenue derived from the hotel is reinvested for the long-term sustainability of conservation and biodiversity of this island jewel.

Cousine Island invites you to experience a sense of seclusion and luxury rarely found. From arrival to departure, you become more than our guest, you become part of the Cousine Island family. We pride our warm hospitality that is unobtrusive and encourages a true ‘home away from home’ feeling. Cousine Island is perfect for island honeymoons, intimate beach weddings and exclusive island charters for those seeking complete escapism.