The Island Jewel

In the clear, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, one thousand miles away from the African mainland, lies a secret paradise rarely experienced outside of the world of fantasy. Adorned with lush palms and vibrant vegetation, this pristine granitic slice of heaven marks one of the few destinations on the planet where the miracle of nature thrives and man in all his curious wonder is a simple and silent observer.









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Home away from home

Spanning less than thirty hectares, Cousine Island is no mere tropical getaway to be found in a holidaymaker’s magazine; it is a personalised and intimate adventure, a secluded moment of reflection and the ultimate expression of romance and beauty, naturally formed to captivate the heart and re-engage the soul.

On shore


The island’s tropical climate makes it an ideal summer destination during any season, with temperatures averaging between 25ºC and 35ºC all year-round, and heavenly sea surface-temperatures ranging between 28ºC and 31ºC. This warm temperament, coupled with the conservation efforts of the island’s resort, have also made it home to a large variety of rarely experienced birds, animals and plants; while providing a welcoming luxury getaway for the discerning wanderlust traveler.

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Plan your trip in line with our Eco Calendar to see enchanting wonders such as Hawksbill and Green Turtle hatchlings.


Conservation is at the heart of the Cousine Island philosophy. We strive to ensure that human impact is kept to a minimum and believe that sustainable tourism should involve direct and tangible benefits to the environment.

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There is a multiplicity of ways to tailor your journey and experiences on Cousine Island. We invite you to explore a world of wanderlust, excitement, enchantment and relaxation with us.