Our conservation success story

Once over-exploited by man, Cousine Island is now a safe-haven for an impressive variety of plant and animal species. As one of the few granitic islands in the world, the island is completely free from alien mammals that could threaten its delicate eco-system, thanks to the removal of these intruders and multiple reintroductions of native species of birds, other animals and plants. From a despairing history of unsustainable overexploitation to being rehabilitated and protected, Cousine Island is a true legend of conservation success, contributing to both the Seychelles and global floral and faunal biodiversity.

Yet the island is so much more than that. It is an enriching experience for anyone who visits her white shores that are now thriving with indigenous life. A tranquil space where one can get in touch with one’s soul, Cousine Island offers an intimate experience shared between people who mean the world to each other. It is a warm home away from home for friends and family – an exclusive paradise for the exotic traveller and holidaymaker.