Scuba Diving

Cousine Island is ideal for guests who wish to enjoy the idyllic waters of the Seychelles. We offer both guided snorkeling tours around the island’s exquisite house reef and scuba diving excursions from the impressive catamaran. Whether you are considering undertaking an open water or advanced certification, our PADI e-learning theory course and practical training will equip you to explore a world of mystery and magnificent colour as our diving instructor introduces guests to what can only be described as some of the most untouched locations on earth.


We have a range of brand new ScubaPro dive gear, including BCDs, regulators, fins and masks. Available are 2.5mm ‘shorties’ which are perfect for diving in the warm tropical waters of the Seychelles, as temperatures range from 26-32 degrees all year around. For those divers who do get a little chilly, we have a number of long suits available. For added comfort, please feel free to bring your own dive gear, which can be stored in our air-conditioned dive store.

Diving Protocol

Before each dive, guests receive a briefing and plan for the chosen dive site. Dive sites will be chosen based on both the whole group’s experience level and sea conditions. Therefore, we ask that certified divers please have their certification cards and logbooks available. For those who haven’t dived in a while, we are happy to offer refresher dives in the pool.

In fitting with the island’s theme of eco-tourism, we ask that all our divers respect the marine environment and follow the guidelines provided by the dive leader, to ensure we do not disturb the delicate ecosystem below.


We aim to provide our guests with a personal diving experience and therefore we typically take dive groups of up to 4 guests at a time. All dive groups are supervised by professionally certified divers, all of which are fully insured. Our dive boats are all equipped with oxygen, first aid and all diving staff are first aid trained.

To ensure the safety of our guests during their onward journey from the island, please be advised that we do not offer scuba diving within a 12-hour (single dive) or 24-hour (multiple dives) period prior to any air-travel, including low flying helicopters. Please take this into consideration when planning your stay.


See medical document from PADI


As a small island resort, the surrounding sea can become a little ‘choppy’ at times and therefore to ensure the safety of our guests, any planned dive may be rescheduled or cancelled subject to the conditions.

If you are considering scuba diving, it is advisable to ensure that you have sufficient travel insurance, in case of an accident. This should be arranged prior to travel.


As a remote luxury private island, safety is paramount and therefore all guests who would like to experience scuba diving / dive training or any water sporting activities who suffer from or are currently on any medication for any of the following conditions (see medical document from PADI) are required to bring a signed letter of authorisation from a medical practitioner or diving physician (other than yourself).

If you are certified diver , there is no need to complete the PADI medical form. This is only for those wishing to undertake dive training on Cousine Island.

Advice to guests

It is Cousine Island’s recommendation that guests take sufficient insurance to cover scuba diving. Most policies include recreational scuba diving and some may charge an additional fee.

Certified Divers are required to bring their certification cards and must provide the following information in advance of your arrival to your travel consultant when booking:

  1. Full names (including middle name)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Scuba diving credentials (level of certification)
  4. Training organization (PADI, SSI, BSAC)
  5. Last dive date and location
  6. Any personal gear you will be bringing with you
  7. Please confirm your shoe size (fin size) and shirt size (BCD/Wetsuit)