Imagine sipping champagne with your one-and-only while sharing the intimacy and comfort of a warm Jacuzzi bath, surrounded by fragrant coconut cream candles and watching the sun descending behind the blue horizon to a cast of dancing orange lights and twilight shadows over a tropical paradise to call your own. What could be more romantic and more desirable? The seclusion, mystery and sheer majesty of the island make it the perfect destination for seekers of exclusive adventure and escapism to her sun-washed shores. A truly idyllic setting for spontaneous romantic proposals as well as hot-blooded honeymooners looking for a bosom experience, Cousine Island offers a serene and private destination for intimate white beach weddings.


Guests who are celebrating young or everlasting love on Cousine’s romantic shores will have every detail of their perfect day seen to by our accomplished team. Whether your dream beach wedding involves a grand affair, complete with an adorned pastor, a classically trained quartet and a celebratory feast with family and friends at the Pavilion, or an intimate and rustic barefoot beach ceremony with loved ones on the soft, white sands of the unmarred beach of Cousine Island’s romantic setting, our welcoming hospitality guarantees an extraordinary wedding day for our bridal couple and their guests to share in.


Cousine Island is a magical destination for honeymooners looking for an experience that truly reflects the miracle of their union. Here, powdery white beaches dissolve under a blanket of glassy, turquoise-blue sea, making for timeless and intimate walks. Dappled sun springs from great-shaded palm leaves that rustle in a soft ocean breeze where secluded and romantic picnics are dreams come true. Awe-inspiring sunsets ignite passion in their remote onlookers who sip slowly together from champagne glasses. The virgin beauty of Cousine Island naturally creates the perfect air of romance for newly-weds in which to enjoy one another’s company. A special touch is added by offering you a choice of romantic barefoot dining on the beach, secluded champagne picnics, a couple’s massage on the beach or in the privacy of your villa, and a romantic turndown at bedtime.