It's a passion

There are plenty of ways to optimise your journey and experiences on Cousine Island. We invite you to relax and unwind in a beautiful beach setting with intimate day setups on beach mats with large cushions, umbrellas and refreshments, whilst enjoying the sunshine and a host of beach activities. Those adventurous at heart can explore our selection of water-sporting activities and day excursions to the surrounding islands on Cousine Island’s solar powered catamaran, “Solar Wave”. The most intriguing aspect about the Seychelles islands is that every island is unique with its own history and natural wonders. A rich variety of fishing, whether traditional bottom fishing, deep sea fishing or fly fishing, offers guests a sporting chance to bring a trophy home. Snorkeling and diving are highly recommended as guests can explore a world of mystery and luminous colour. Our diving instructor introduces guests to what can only be described as some of the most untouched locations on earth.