God’s fingerprint

Cousine Island is a fertile paradise, often referred to as “Gods finger print”. Her biodiversity is living proof that she is alive and is home and mother to all living species that have marked their purpose in her delicate ecosystem.

Spending time with our conservation team on guided nature walks or at your own pace will allow you to appreciate the successes of our programme as a result of the ongoing efforts that have gone into rehabilitating this natural wonder.

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The magnificent Cousine Island journey gives guests an opportunity to learn more about the island’s native vegetation and wildlife. You can take part in our conservation programmes by planting trees and tracking endangered species of animals and birds, or releasing baby Hawskbill and Green turtle hatchlings. This truly is a rare and enchanting experience that is certain to move and inspire you to your very core while making you feel a deeper connection with Mother Nature. Guests can leave their mark on Cousine Island by adopting and rescuing an Aldabara giant tortoise to release during their stay. Those who do not wish to get involved directly in the island’s initiatives, still support our programmes by simply staying and enjoying her beauty and hospitality.