White-Beach Weddings and Exotic Honeymoons: Some of the most romantic Places on Earth

White-Beach Weddings and Exotic Honeymoons: Some of the most romantic Places on Earth

Every couple dreams of finding a secluded destination where they can enjoy one another’s company in a passionate setting, surrounded by nothing but romantic scenery in a private setting. Sipping Champaign while watching the sun descend over a glassy ocean, taking epic and tranquil nature walks while connecting with your significant other in the serenity of a tropical rain forest, or snuggling in front of a fire while crisp flakes of snow caress the world outside. We all have our own idea of what makes the ideal romantic setting, but these destinations could spark a fire in even the coldest of hearts.

Kauai: Hawaii

Hawaii has become somewhat of an icon for island weddings and Hollywood honeymoons, and for good reason. Kauai’s natural and quaint setting is regarded by many as an ideal spot to share in romantic moments with your one-and-only. With lush vegetation, a yawning coast of white sands and cascading waterfalls waiting to be discovered, it is easy to see why this is such a popular destination amongst romance seekers.

St. Moritz: Switzerland

The unique beauty and serenity of St. Moritz’s icy peaks and compelling scenery make this winter getaway a superb location for young lovers and seasoned ones wishing to celebrate a wonderful life together. Snuggling up in the cold, taking in the rich, bright scenery of the Upper Engadin while sipping on some hot gluhwein are but a few of the reasons why this destination is one of the most romantic ones out there.

The Berkshires

Come the thick white snow of winter or the vibrant thriving life of summer, the lush vegetation and exotic setting of the Berkshires in Connecticut bring their visitors back into connection with nature. The area has plenty to do for those couples that are not content to simply lay by the fire, including skiing, exploration, or sight-seeing around the town’s quaint streets and boutique shops while taking in the local arts and craft.

Cousine Island: Seychelles

I have saved the best for last. Could you imagine you and your partner settling down in a Jacuzzi bath in your on luxury villa, sipping Champaign and watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean? How about taking secluded strolls over endless white sandy beaches adorned with palms rich with bird-song? Cousine Island is an exclusive destination on a private island resort that has 4 Luxury Villas and one Presidential Villa. Besides seclusion, the island has everything that your romantic heart could desire like private charters to surrounding islands, diving excursions, snorkelling or long, serene nature trails through the heart of a tropical jungle. Everything on the island, from the scenery and accommodation to the food and Pavilion are all set out in such a way to bring the island’s romantic side to life.

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