How about Your Own private Island

How about Your Own private Island

How about Your Own private Island

Everybody has their own idea of what constitutes as the perfect getaway. Some dream of foreign streets bursting with exotic energy; rolling, icy mountain retreats blanketed in snow; epic African safaris in an untamed bushveld; or cruising the Mediterranean on your own private yacht. Yet perhaps the most widely spread choice of preference would be to find yourself relaxing on a beach side luxury villa on what may as well be your own private island. Personally I’ve always dreamed of the latter, and it is because of this that I have spent so much time flicking through scores of images on the net while day dreaming of vacationing on an island where I can be by myself, truly disconnected from society for a while in as lush and isolated a destination as I can find.

Voavah: The Maldives

Located in Baa Atoll, Voavah’s exotic and secluded setting is densely populated with lush green jungles and their expected powdered beaches. The Four Seasons Resort located on the island with a total of 7 villas to be occupied by the discerning traveller. As expected, a luxury spa, 5 star dive centre and luxury beach house make this destination great for those who want to live it up while touring the Maldives on a yacht exclusively reserved for themselves, or explore Voavah as though  it were their very own playground.

Laucala Island: Fiji

Being slightly less secluded, the staggering beauty of Laucala island is always apparent, but may be a little populated for some with 25 villas available for guests to reside in. Though the island is a cliché’ tropical paradise with reaching palms and white sands, it also creates a unique cultural experience for guests who want to know a little more about Fijian people, arts and craft.

Thanda Island: Tanzania

Staying at Thanda will get you your own 1.1km private beach on which to stroll and relax in isolation. The villas are akin to extravagant beach houses which even include indoor aquariums, a grand piano and a glass-rim swimming pool. Everything about Thanda Island screams opulence and is catered for those who want to live it up while winding down.

Cousine Island: Seychelles

I’ve truly saved the best for last here. Accessed through an exclusive island charter, Cousine Island is a tiny granitic slice of heaven just off of the African mainland that caters to the exclusivity and comfort of each of their guests with unobtrusive hospitality designed to make the island feel like a second home to its sojourner. A score of exotic and endangered animals and birds which are protected by the island can be experienced as you wonder through its green forests or kayak through its crystal waters. Each villa is equipped with luxury pools, outside bars and large open spaces to make you feel at home. The island’s pavilion is a great social sphere for guests who want to use its well-stocked library and private gym, or to enjoy a specially prepared meal by the boutique’s chef. There are endless activities to take part in, from water sports to spa treatments and inter-island excursions. Though perhaps the best thing about this island is the conservational philosophy that its resort takes in its operations. Everything done on the island is done so to better its natural condition while creating a sustainable and paradisiac environment for its local flora and fauna.

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